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Masters - Level Modules

sm-aut.jpg Autumn Term sm-spr.jpg Spring Term sm-year.jpg All Year sm-vac.jpg Vacation Course sm-sus.jpg Suspended Module

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ES4 & ES9 modules are at FHEQ Level 7.

ES410 Group Project sm-year.jpg sm-30_cats.jpg

ES434 ASICs, MEMS and Smart Devices sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES438 Quality Systems sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES439 Simulation of Operations sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES440 Computational Fluid Dynamics sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES441 Advanced Fluid Dynamics sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES442 Precision Engineering & Microsystems sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES480 Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systemssm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4A1 Advanced Robotics sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4A2 African Field Course  Suspended for 2017

ES4A3 Automobile Systems, Dynamics & Control sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4A4 Biomedical Systems Modelling sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4A7 Design for Comfort sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4A8 Design for Sustainability sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4B3 Energy Conservation sm-sus.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4B5 Finite Element Methods sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4B6 Global Water & Sanitation Technologies sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4B7 Vehicle Propulsion sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4B9 Innovative Process Development sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4C3 Mathematical & Computer Modelling sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4C4 Optical Communication Systems sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4C5 Optical Engineering sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4C8 Signal & Image Processing sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4C9 Supply Chain Management sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4D2 Antenna, Propagation and Wireless Communications Theory sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4D4 Power Electronic Converters and Devices sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4D5 Construction Management & Temporary Works  sm-aut.jpg sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4D6 River Mixing sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4D8 Advanced Geotechnical Engineering  sm-aut.jpg sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4D9 Heat Transfer Theory and Design sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4E0 Renewable Energy sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4E3 Structural Dynamics and Vibration sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4E4 Fuels and Combustion sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4E5 Life Cycle Engineering for Manufacturing Systems sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4E6 Automotive Materials & Processes sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4E7 Information Theory and Coding sm-aut.jpgsm-15_cats.jpg

ES4E8 Advanced Power Electronic Converters and Devicessm-spr.jpgsm-15_cats.jpg

ES4E9 Affective Computing  sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4F0 Advanced Control (From 2016-17)  sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES4F5 Gas Turbine Equipment (2017)sm-year sm-cats

ES93P Project sm-year.jpg 60 Credits

ES93Q Systems Modelling and Simulation sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES94V Tunnel Design sm-15_cats.jpg

ES94W Geological Investigation and Ground Characterization sm-15_cats.jpg

ES94Y Health, Safety and Environmental Considerations sm-15_cats.jpg

ES95A Underground Construction Methods sm-30_cats.jpg

ES95B Project (TUGS) 45 Credits

ES95C Rock Mechanics sm-15_cats.jpg

ES96Q Construction Management sm-15_cats.jpg

ES96R Professional Skills sm-sus.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES96T Advanced Wireless Systems and Networks sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES96V Finite Element Methods for Tunnelling sm-15_cats.jpg

ES96X Fuel Cells and Energy Storage sm-spr.jpgsm-15_cats.jpg

ES96Z Electrical Machines and Drives sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES97A Operation and Control of Power Systems sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES97B Bioenergy and Biotechnology sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES97C Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES97D Imaging & Sensing in Body & Brain sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES97E Biomechanics sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES97F Healthcare Technology Engineering sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES97G Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine sm-spr.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES97H Biomedical Signal Processing sm-aut.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES97I Communication & Leadership sm-15_cats.jpg

ES97K Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering sm-15_cats.jpg

ES9R9 Biomedical Materials sm-sus.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg

ES9Q3 Physiological and Compartmental Modelling sm-sus.jpg sm-15_cats.jpg