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Dr Akeel Shah

My current research interests lie in the development of energy storage systems, with an emphasis on organic flow batteries and mathematical/computational modelling of complex systems, including predictive modelling/analytics approaches.

The specific modelling challenges in which I am interested are:

  • Emulating spatio-temporal fields arising from complex nonlinear models in science and engineering
  • Multiple parameter problems and problems involving high-dimensional (input and output) spaces
  • Nonlinear dimensionality reduction and manifold learning
  • Applications of surrogate models to uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis

I have worked with industrial collaborators to develop, validate and exploit models to inform the design of fuel cells and batteries - Ballard Power Systems, Johnson Matthey, ACAL Energy, C-Tech Innovation.

My past research interests have included porous solid combustion, flame theory, detonations and applied analysis (existence, uniqueness and blow-up of semilinear PDEs).

Google Scholar Profile

Selected recent outputs (full list)

  • A.A. Shah, W. Xing, V. Triantafyllidis (2017), Reduced order modelling of parameter dependent linear and nonlinear dynamic PDE models, Proceedings of Royal Society A, 473 (2200), 20160809
  • W. Xing, V. Triantafyllidis, A.A. Shah, P.B. Nair, N. Zabaras (2016), Manifold learning for the emulation of spatial fields from computational models, Journal of Computational Physics 326, 666-690
  • P.K. Leung, A.A. Shah, L. Sanz, C. Flox, J. R. Morante, F.C. Walsh (2017), Recent developments in organic redox flow batteries: a critical review, Journal of Power Sources, 360, 243-283
  • A.A. Shah (2017), Surrogate modelling for spatially distributed fuel cell models with applications to uncertainty quantification, AMSE Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage, 14(1), 011006 (2017) (15 pages)
  • P. Leung, T. Martin, M. Liras, A.A. Shah, A.M. Berenguer, R. Marcillia, M.A. Anderson, J. Palma (2017), Electronegative cyclohexanedione as the promising electrode reaction for organic redox flow batteries, Applied Energy, 197, 318–326
  • P.K. Leung, T. Martin, J. Palma, A.A. Shah, M.R. Mohamed, R. Marcillia, M.A. Anderson (2016), Membraneless organic-inorganic aqueous flow batteries with improved cell potential, Chemical Communications, 52(99), 14270-14273

External collaborators

  • Prof Prasanth Nair (University of Toronto)
  • Dr P.C. Sui (Wuhan University of Technology)
  • Dr Jacki Leung (University of Oxford)
  • Dr Xiaohong Li (University of Exeter)
  • Professor Nigel Brandon (Imperial College London)
  • Prof Frank Walsh, Dr Richard Wills, Dr Carlos Ponce de leon (University of Southampton)


  • 1995 BSc Mathematical Physics (First Class), University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) (merged with University of Manchester)
  • 1996-1997 Trainee Chartered Accountant, Brebner, Allen & Trapp, London
  • 2001 PhD Applied Mathematics, UMIST
  • 2001 - 2004, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Leeds (Applied Mathematics Department/Department of Fuel and Energy)
  • 2004 - 2007, Postdoctoral Researcher, Simon Fraser University (Mathematics Department), Vancouver, Canada.
  • 2007 - June 2011, Lecturer in Energy Technologies, School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton
  • June 2011 - Oct 2011, Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton
  • Oct 2011 - Associate Professor, School of Engineering, University of Warwick
  • 2015-present - Reader, School of Engineering, University of Warwick

Current Group Members

  • Dr David Crevillen Garcia (postdoc)
  • Mr Vasilis Triantafyllidis (PhD)
  • Mr Charles Gadd (PhD), co-supervised with Dr Sarah Wade (Statistics)

Past Members

  • Dr Hussein Osman (PhD/postdoc)
  • Dr Ziauddin Ursani (postdoc)
  • Dr Blanca Zamora (PhD/postdoc)
  • Dr Randhir Singh (postdoc)
  • Dr Atif Khan (PhD)
  • Hassan Al-Fetlawi (PhD)
  • Ravi Tangirala (PhD)
  • Abdulwahid Al-Hajjaj (PhD)
  • Mr Hu Yuan (PhD)
  • Mr Wei Xing (PhD/postdoc)
  • Ms Aygün Çalı (Research Assistant, Erasmus)