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Total Grant Value as PI to Host: £1.6M
Post-Doc Years: 11.25

Active Grants
  • H2020 (MSCA-RISE): DAWN4IoE - Data Aware Wireless Network for Internet-of-Everything, Coordinator & PI, 778305, 2017-21, €270k (Total: €1.1M)
  • EPSRC (ENCORE+): Nature Inspired Routing for Resilient Networked Systems, PI, 2017-18, Link, £9.6k
  • DSTL (Accelerator): MEDE - Molecolar Communications for Electromagnetic-Denied Environments, PI, ACC102665, 2017-18, £90k
  • Turing (D&S): GUARD - Global Urban Analytics for Resilient Defence, PI, 2017-19, Link, £250k
  • InnovateUK (KTP Ranplan): ODIN - Online Data Integrated Network, PI, KTP10734, 2017-2020, Link, £199k
  • LRF (Turing DCE): CHANCE - Coupled Human And Natural Critical Ecosystems, PI, 2017-20, Link, £290k
  • LRF (ICON): Towards Invisible Nanoscale Chemical Tagging, CI, ICON-23, 2017-21, Link, £50k
  • Alan Turing Institute: Turing Fellowship, PI, 2017-19, £49k
  • US AFOSR: MolSig - Molecular Signalling in Complex Environments, PI, FA9550-17-1-0056, 2017-21, Link, $166k
  • Royal Society & NSFC (IE): SmallTalk - Talking between Small Things, PI, IE150708, 2016-18, Link, £11k
Expired Grants
  • Warwick (Alumni Donation): SEED - Sunlight ExposurE Database, PI, 2014-17, £50k
  • Warwick RDF: High Speed Rail Health Monitoring, CI, 2016-17, £24k
  • Warwick RDF: Mobile Sensing for Smart Cities, CI, 2016-17, £18k
  • Warwick University: Warwick Networking Fund with Tsinghua University, PI, 2014-16, £5k
  • British Council (KEP): Urban Science and Information Engineering, PI, INB/CONT/0165, 2013-15, £5k
  • Royal Society (IE): Nanocommunications for Smart Cities, PI, IE130762, 2012-14, £5k