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ITMU Programme


The ITMU Programme

In September 2010 the University of Warwick signed an agreement with ITM University in Gurgaon, allowing students on Engineering programmes at ITMU to transfer to appropriate programmes at the University of Warwick. The normal form of this arrangement is that students who have successfully completed three years of their programme at ITMU may apply to enter into the third year of an appropriate degree programme at Warwick. They would then study for a further two years at Warwick in order to be awarded an MEng degree by the University of Warwick.

An alternative arrangement covered within the agreement is that students who have successfully completed three years at ITMU can apply to enter directly into the third year of an appropriate programme at Warwick as visiting students. They would then study for one year at Warwick, before being considered for the award of a BTech degree by ITM University.

The agreement currently covers a range of degrees at ITMU and at Warwick as shown below.

ITM University Programs (BTech)

Computer Science and Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electronics and Communications

Information Technology

Mechanical Engineering


University of Warwick Programs (BEng and MEng)

Electronic Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering

Systems Engineering


The University of Warwick is currently offering substantial bursaries to provide financial assistance to students coming to Warwick under this scheme.

Further information on: the University of Warwick; the School of Engineering; the degree programmes on offer and the available electives; the entry requirements; the application process and financial matters can be found by following the links at the top of this page.