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The Application Process

The application process that must be followed depends on whether students are planning to apply for two year of study at Warwick leading to an MEng, or for one year of study as a visiting student (when they will be considered for a degree by ITMU).

Applications for two years of study at Warwick leading to an MEng.

Students wishing to study for an MEng at Warwick must apply through the UCAS application process.

Full details of the UCAS system can be obtained from the UCAS website at:

The UCAS process requires that students complete an application form that includes:

  • The university and course for which they wish to apply. Students need select only one University and course if applying for a transfer to Warwick.
  • The year of entry to the course. For students who have completed three years at ITMU this would be year 3.
  • Their academic background. This will include all their academic qualifications prior to entering ITMU. This will also include the results of their first and second years of study at ITMU (including an indication of the modules taken and the marks achieved).
  • Any academic qualifications that are yet to be taken. For example, if a student is planning to take an English language examination, then the nature and date of the exam should be included.
  • A personal statement. This allows the student to explain why they wish to study engineering and to describe their future plans and ambitions. This is also an opportunity for the student to describe any specific skills or interests that are relevant to the course to be studied. Students may also wish to discuss any relevent experience (such as work experience or any courses taken). The personal statement may also include a brief discussion of the applicants hobbies or other interests (although such discussions should not form a large part of the statement).
  • An academic reference - supplied by ITMU.

Students will normally apply through UCAS early in the academic year, before their academic results are known. Successful applicants will therefore be given a conditional offer, which states that they will be accepted onto the course provided that they achieve an appropriate level of performance during their third year at ITMU (see the page on "Entrance Requirements" for details of typical offers). If appropriate the conditional offer may also include performance in an English language test. Once the student's academic results are known, provided the requirements are satisfied, the students place on the course can be confirmed.

The University of Warwick has an International Office based in Delhi who will be happy to assist in the application process. Please contact:

Kanika Marwaha
India Representative
University of Warwick

72 Navjivan Vihar, New Delhi - 110 017
Tel No: 011-2669 3551, 2669 2059

Applications for one year of study at Warwick as a visiting student.

Students wishing to study for one year of study at Warwick as a visiting student should apply directly to the University of Warwick using the visiting studen application process. Details of this can be found in the Study Abroad section of the International Office Website at:

If you require any assistance with your application, please contact our International Office based in Delhi whose contact details are given above.