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Fees and Bursaries

Students transfering to Warwick from ITMU will pay the International Student fees appropriate at the time of their entry. Details of the current fees can be found on our Student Fees website.

Students coming to Warwick from ITMU under this scheme will also be eligible for a substantial bursary. Such students will receive a bursary for each year of their study at Warwick (subject to satisfactory progression at the end of each year). The amount paid will be the same for each year of study, although this amount may vary depending on the year in which students enter Warwick.

For students entering Warwick in October 2015, the bursary will be £2,500 per year of study. The bursary will take the form of a reduction in student fees.

In addition to their academic fees, students will also need to budget for accommodation and other costs during their time in the UK.