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Eleanor Archer


I am currently in my first year of the MASDOC programme. Before coming to Warwick, I completed my BA and MMath at King’s College, Cambridge.

Research Interests:

Currently I am working with David Croydon on a project involving diffusions on random fractals. So far, for a certain class of random fractals we have constructed such a diffusion and shown that it arises as a scaling limit of random walks on related random graphs. We are now carrying out further analysis of the limiting diffusion.

More broadly, I am interested in many related aspects of Probability theory, such as random trees, random maps and mixing times.

Events Attended:

Recent Progress on the Geometry of Random Walks (Peter Whittle Colloqium), University of Cambridge, May 2017


I can be contacted via email at and my office is D2.08.

Other Interests:

Outside of maths, I enjoy rowing, reading and playing the piano.