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Professor Oleg Pikhurko

On leave term 1 2017/18

   Oleg P

Professor Oleg Pikhurko

Professor of Mathematics
Office: B2.12
Phone: +44 (0)24 765 73838
Email: O dot Pikhurko at warwick dot ac dot uk

Personal Web Page

Teaching Responsibilities 2017/18:
Term 2: MA225 Differentiation

Research Interests: Extremal combinatorics and graph theory; random structures; algebraic, analytic and probabilistic methods in discrete mathematics.

I am organising the following events:

Selected recent publications

(with E.R.Vaughan) Minimum Number of k-Cliques in Graphs with Bounded Independence Number, Combinat Prob Comput 22 (2013) 910-934.

(with D.Kral') Quasirandom Permutations Are Characterized by 4-Point Densities, Geometric Funct Analysis, 23 (2013) 570-579.

(with P.-S. Loh and B.Sudakov) Maximizing the Number of q-Colorings, Proc London Math Soc, 101 (2010) 655-696.

An Exact Turan Result for the Generalized Triangle, Combinatorica, 28 (2008) 187-208.

<a href="">Problem-Solving Seminar
for Undergraduates</a> (Term 2)</li>