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Alex Torzewski

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I am a 3rd PhD student in number theory under the supervision of Alex Bartel. My interests include arithmetic geometry, representation theory and Galois representations.

Current Research Projects

  • I have some representation theoretic results which give a list of computable invariants which determine the isomorphism class of an arbitrary \mathbb{Z}_{(p)}[G]-lattices when G has cyclic Sylow p-subgroup. My results combine with existing work of Yakovlev with regulator constants. A report on this work is available here(PDF Document).
  • In some cases the above results can be applied relatively easily to lattices arising in number theory from unit groups of rings of integers or Mordell-Weil groups of abelian varieties. Hopefully some details of this will appear soon. This uses existing results of Bartel, Dokchitser-Dokchitser and Burns-Macias Castillo-Wuthrich.
  • More recently, I have been thinking about lifting decompositions of various cohomology theories to motives in the setting of universal abelian schemes over Shimura varieties.

Publications and Preprints

  • Regulator constants of integral representations of finite groups, Alex Torzewski, 41 pages, preprint(PDF Document).

Recent talks

  • Nottingham - Number Theory Seminar - Mar. 2017
  • Cambridge - Number Theory Seminar - Feb. 2017
  • Oxford - Junior Number Theory - Jan. 2017
  • Bristol - Linfoot Seminar - Dec. 2016
  • Hopf Galois Theory and Galois Module Structures Conference - Exeter - Jun. 2015




Previously, I was in

  • 2013-2014 - Cambridge - Part III (Distinction)
  • 2010-2013 - Warwick - BSc (1st (Hons))

For more details, see my CV(PDF Document).