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Seminars are held on Thursdays at 14:00 in Room B3.02 - Mathematics Institute

Organisers: Inna Capdeboscq and Dmitriy Rumynin

Term 1 - 2017/18

Thursday 28th September, Michael Giudici, Semiprimitive Groups.
Thursday 12th October, Alla Detinko, Computing with Matrix Groups over Infinite Fields: Methods, Algorithms and Applications.
Thursday 26th October, Gareth Tracey, The Chebotarev Invariant of a Finite Group.
Thursday 2nd November, Irene Pasquinelli, Deligne-Mostow Lattices and Cone Metrics on the Sphere.

Thursday 16th November, CANCELLED: Peter Kropholler, Random Walks through Soluble Group Theory.

Thursday 23rd November, Ian Leary, Subgroups of Almost Finitely Presented Groups.

Thursday 30th November, Benjamin Martin, Bounded Conjugation-invariant Norms on Groups.