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MA124 Maths by Computer

Lecturer: Roger Tribe

Term(s): Term 2

Status for Mathematics students: Core for Maths

Commitment: One lecture per week with one 1-hour help class per week.

Assessment: The material learnt in the contact sessions will be assessed through four brief assignments, counting for 100% of the total mark.


Leads To: By the end of the module you will find the computer to be a tool that can aid you throughout your life as a mathematician and, in particular, in many modules you will take at Warwick. Specific modules which might use Matlab include MA248 Applied Analysis, MA228 Numerical Analysis, MA398 Numerical Linear Algebra, MA3G0 Control Theory and MA496 Signal Processing. But you should think of your computing skills as a powerful resource to be used, potentially, at any time.

Aims: The first aim is to show how the computer may be used, throughout all of mathematics, to enhance understanding. This will be achieved primarily through seven hours of computer-based contact sessions. Introductory examples of the use of computers in mathematics will be based on the familiar A-level maths. The second aim, approached through practical experience in the contact sessions, and through nine supporting lectures, is to introduce mathematical issues arising in the design and analysis of computational algorithms.

Objectives: The module will be taught using the Matlab-Maple software package. This choice will provide you with a uniform computing environment in which numeric and symbolic calculation can be performed. Through using this software tool you will be introduced to the rudiments of computer programming.

You will learn how to graph functions, study vectors and matrices graphically and numerically, how to iterate and use iteration to study sequences and series, how to solve algebraic and differential equations symbolically and numerically and how to study statistical properties of sets of numbers. In the lectures you will learn about various algorithmic paradigms and the study of computational cost.


DJ & NJ Higham, MATLAB guide, SIAM Publications, Philadelphia, September 2000.


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