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Project Proposals for 2017-18

All academic staff are requested to submit AT LEAST one MPhys project proposal by Tues 9 May 2017 AND one BSc project proposal by Tues 16 May 2017(unless by prior arrangement with HoD).

There is a separate MS word template for each project, available as .docx or .doc MSWord formats. Download BSc template .docx .doc . Download MPhys template .docx .doc.

Please complete your templates and then submit them using the separate forms below. Examples of completed templates: BSc EXP, MPhys THE/PRO.

Submit BSc project Submit MPhys project

Special deals for MPhys: if you are resubmitting a project from a previous year (allowed!) then for MPhys you can re-use the old template file. Also you are welcome to submit two MPhys projects but note this does not assure you will get no BSc students.

Project classification: in the submission form (not the template) you will be asked to categorise your project with one or max two of:

  • EXP: projects where students will do experiments;
  • EXD: projects revolving around existing experimental or observational data;
  • SIM: projects where students will work with computer simulations;
  • PRO: projects where students will have to write or develop code;
  • THE: theory based projects.

All projects are assumed liable to involve some computing.