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PX436 forum

The forum for the 2014-2015 version of this course can be found in the side navigation, or by following this link.

The forum should be used for asking questions or leaving comments about lectures, problems arising from the examples sheet, examples of GR in practice that you see in the news or elsewhere, and other topics of interest. I will endeavour to post any clarifications, corrections or changes here as they arise.

Please feel free to reply to one another's questions and comments, and to discuss any topic of relevance to PX436 General Relativity.

I will be moderating the forum sparingly - it might take me a day or two to respond to questions, but I will be reading comments. Unacceptable comments include those commenting on personal aspects of individuals or groups, those which use highly profane language, and those which are deliberately confrontational. Please use the forum respectfully, bearing in mind that it will be read by your peers as well as the lecturer.