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Theory Seminar: 2nd year PhD talks, Christopher Lakey and Oliver Dyer, 1300 in PS1.28

1pm - 2pm, Thu, 25 May '17
Location: PS1.28

Oliver Dyer: An introduction to Wavelet Monte Carlo dynamics

The inclusion of long-range hydrodynamic interactions (HIs) in simulations of soft-matter systems leads to large computational costs that make the simulation of large systems impractical, motivating the search for more efficient algorithms. In this talk I introduce Wavelet Monte Carlo dynamics (WMCD), a new algorithm that includes hydrodynamics in the distributions of Monte Carlo moves such that a WMCD code does not need to calculate HIs explicitly. Together with an overview of the algorithm itself, I present results showing how WMCD compares to established algorithms and confirming its validity as a hydrodynamic simulator.

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