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Mission Adoption

Update: 21/06/2017

PLATO has been officially adopted by ESA as the M3 mission. Thank you to all PSM members for all of your hard work to get us to this point.

The PSM Office has new contact information. Please address all email to

Updated versions of the Work Breakdown Structure (Resources page) and Work Package Descriptions (PSM members page) are now available for download.

The PSM are currently engaged in scientific evaluation of the theoretical on-board processing algorithms. This review process will continue until mid-July.

Definition of the high-level overview for PDC-PSM interactions continue to be major pieces of work for both the PSM and PDC Offices.

The PSM Coordination Team continue to meet regularly via their monthly teleconferences (see the Events Calendar). For details on meetings specific to different branches of the PSM, please contact the relevant WP leaders (listed on the People page)


Tue 20 Jun '17
PLATO adopted by ESA

ESA's Science Programme Committee have agreed to adopt PLATO into the Science Programme moving forwards. Mission adoption is a big milestone for PLATO, and marks the move from a blueprint mission into a fully-realised concern.

This decision is just reward for all of the hard work put in by the PLATO team over the last several years.

PLATO and Galactic archaeology

A research team led by PSM member Andrew Miglio (University of Birmingham) has published a white paper on the pre-print arXiv that describes how PLATO can contribute to the field of Galactic archaeology.

They identify key outstanding questions related to the formation and evolution of the Milky Way. Answering these questions requires precise, accurate ages for large samples of stars, such as those that will be provided by PLATO's asteroseismic data (through WP12, Stellar Science). They demonstrate that the capabilities of PLATO are such that answering their key questions is possible.

The paper can be found on ADS.


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