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Travel Claims

(PDF Document) Form for Claims for Travelling and Subsistence Allowances

Please be advised that all travel claims must be accompanied by receipts for all requested cost items. If the reimbursement is going into a non-UK bank account, please submit a foreign bank details form together with the travel claim form.

Travel allowances:

First 100 miles travelled in any one day: 45p per mile

Over 100 miles travelled in any one day: 25p per mile

Subsistence allowances:

Actual costs up to the following maxima including VAT:


  • Breakfast* £6
  • Lunch £11
  • Evening Meal £18.00
  • Evening Meal when dining in hotel in which you are staying £36

* only if leaving home before 7.00 am


  • London - £160.00 per night
  • Elsewhere - £120.00 per night

The accommodation rates are intended to include the cost of breakfast.

The grant number, which should be indicated at the bottom part "Cost centre/Project/Internal order", is: R.PXBH.3003.TRA

Questions regarding claim forms and process can be addressed to 

All travel claims should be posted to:

Department of Physics
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL