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Lecture handouts

 One-million Kelvin coronal loops obsered with TRACE

Lecture 1-2: Solar atmosphere: introduction.

Lecture 3: Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equations.

Lecture 4: Consequences of the induction equation. - 14/11/2016: added figures and sketches, fixed a misprint.

Lecture 5: Magnetostatic equilibria: Hydrostatic pressure balance.

Lecture 6: Coronal loop equilibria. - 01/02/2017: a misprint under Eq. (22) is fixed.

Lecture 7: Parker's solar wind model.

Lecture 8: Potential and force-free fields.

Lecture 9-10: Prominences.

Lecture 11: Magnetic reconnection

Lecture 12-13: Solar flares.

Lecture 14: Helioseismology (Guest lecturer Dr A.-M. Broomhall)

Lecture 15: MHD seismology.

Additional material (not examinable in 2016-17)

Lecture: MHD modes of a magnetic interface.

Lecture: Oscillations in prominences.