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Surface, Interface & Thin Film Group

Welcome to the Surface, Interface & Thin Film Group, part of the Condensed Matter Physics research cluster.

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Our main branch of research focuses on well defined single crystal surfaces, thin films and interfaces. We study many types of materials, including molecular adsorbates on metals, oxides, semiconductors and ferromagnets. As such, we interact strongly with other groups in Condensed Matter Physics and Chemistry at the University of Warwick, and collaborate with research groups in Europe, USA and Japan.

The group is led by our four academics:

Professor Woodruff Professor McConville Dr Robinson Dr Bell
Prof. Phil Woodruff FRS Prof. Chris McConville Dr Jim Robinson Dr Gavin Bell
The webpages for the other members of the group can be found here


Through the Science City initiative, we also have equipment which is available for use by other research groups (both at Warwick and beyond) and for industrial partners. Materials characterisation is in high demand and we have recently worked on projects including graphene, solar cell materials, machining components and topological insulators.

In July 2014 we will have the honour of hosting the 11th International Conference on the Structure of Solid Surfaces.
More details can be found here.