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Postgraduate Study

News: We anticipate being able to offer PhD studentships for commencement in October 2017. These studentships will cover tuition fees and living expenses for UK candidates, and tuition fees only for other EU citizens. Some studentships may also be available to students of any nationality. Prospective students are invited to contact us.

Warwick Research Projects

The Particle Physics group anticipates being able to offer PhD studentships for October 2017 entry. They can be on any of the following projects:

Research Area

Project Details

B Physics

Testing the Standard Model with the LHCb Experiment

  Study of rare b- and c-hadron decays at the LHCb experiment


The T2K Neutrino Oscillation Experiment

Future Neutrino Physics Projects

The MICE Experiment

Future Long Baseline Neutrino Experiments


Detector Development

SuperNEMO double beta decay


Higgs boson analyses

Please send enquiries to Dr. Yorck Ramachers ( tel. 024 765 73878.