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Dr. Mark J. Hadley

Research Interests

I have three main, but related, research interests. All explore the frontiers of fundamental physics. The common thread is an interest in explaining quantum theory and exploring the foundations of that enigmatic theory.

Foundations of Quantum Theory

It is over 100 years since quantum theory was formulated and started solving physics problems. In that time it has becoem the most successful scientific theory of all time - making more predctions than any other theory and explaining a vast range of phenomena with breathtaking precision. But we still don't understand the theory. What is more astonishing is that most scientists have even giving up looking for an explanation - but not me!

Unification of General Relativity and quantum Theory

By contrast General relativity, is not much use at all. There are only a handful of experiments that can directly test any difference between general relativity and its predecessor, Newtonian gravity. However it is well liked and, in outline, well understood as a geometric theory of space time. Yet after a hundred years, it remains isolated from the other fundamental forces of Nature. Despite enormous research effort unification has been elusive. My contribution has been a Gravitational explanation of quantum theory. Which you can read about at a general level in The Universe Next Door by Marcus Chown where twelve radical scientific theories are described. Chapter 4 "All the World's a Time Machine" discusses aspects of my work.

Physics and the mind

Philosophers, and even a few scientists, invoke quantum theory as being essential to explain consciousness and free will. as a physicist interested in the frontiers of the subject and foundations of quantum theory, that's an exciting prospect. I am cuurently putting the finishing touches to a publication titled: A model of Free Will


A full list of all my published papers and preprints awaiting publication can be found on the preprint arXiv 

Equation for a perfect ....

I have been asked to produce the perfect equation for... a few times by PR companies. It started with a perfect pancake toss and progressed from there with varying degrees of success. Read all about it...

Latex Bits

I have some Latex2e files which may be useful. There are style and template files for a Warwick thesis


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Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

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