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New Staff in Physics

Klaas Wiersema


Klaas joins the department as a Research Fellow in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

I will be working on follow-up observations of transient sources, for prof. Andrew Levan.

My main research interests are relativistic jet sources, particularly gamma-ray bursts, and electro-magnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources. I did my PhD at the Anton Pannekoek Institute of the University of Amsterdam; and after that worked as postdoctoral fellow at the University of Leicester.

Tue 03 October 2017, 10:35 | Tags: research

Jessica Marshall


Jessica joins the department as a Research Fellow working with Professor Pam Thomas on lead-free ferroelectric materials with enhanced piezoelectric properties and on optical studies of single crystal ferroelectric materials.

Fri 01 September 2017, 12:14 | Tags: research

Ben Gompertz


Ben joins the department as a Research Fellow in the Astronomy & Astrophysics group.

Fri 01 September 2017, 12:13 | Tags: research

Max Marcus


Max Marcus joins the department as a Research Assistant working with Animesh Datta.

Tue 08 August 2017, 16:52 | Tags: research

Jon Peters


I completed my PhD at Warwick and I am joining to continue my work under Prof Marin Alexe and Dr Ana Sanchez as part of the electron microscopy group. My work involves the application of advanced electron microscopy to ferroelectrics, in particular using atomic resolution imaging to measure polarisation with sub-nanometre spatial resolution.

Mon 31 July 2017, 14:50 | Tags: research

Juie Shetye


I am joining CFSA under Prof Arber on the project - Fundamental plasma physics of the Sun and heliosphere. My research interests are MHD waves and oscillations in spicules observed in the solar chromosphere. In my pass-time I work on long term observations of the Sun.

I did my PhD at Armagh Observatory affiliated to Queen's University Belfast. My PhD thesis is titled - "High resolution observations of the Solar atmosphere'.

Apart from academics, my interests are open-water swimming and triathlons and I have represented India in these events.

Thu 11 May 2017, 14:02 | Tags: research

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