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Dr Thomas Blake

Research Interests

I am an experimental particle physicist and part of the University of Warwick Elementary Particle Physics group . I have been a member of the LHCb collaboration since 2008. My main area of research interest is the study of rare decays of b-hadrons. Rare decays of b-hadrons provide a unique opportunity to test the Standard Model of particle physics, providing sensitivity to as yet unobserved particles with masses at the TeV energy scale.

I currently hold a Royal Society University Research Fellowship.

Details of postgraduate research opportunities on the LHCb experiment can be found under B-physics at this link

EPP group seminars

If you would be interested in giving a seminar to the Warwick EPP group, please contact me or Dr Michal Kreps.

A list of the recent EPP seminars can be found here.


The University of Warwick offers postgraduate courses for particle physics students through the Midlands Physics Alliance Graduate School. A complete list of the MPAGS modules can be found at this link. My course notes on relativistic quantum mechanics can be found here. The course is assesed by means of 4 problem sets:

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Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL


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Telephone: +44 (0)2476523900