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- Please join us in congratulating Melissa Colloff and Divya Sukumar for winning the 2016 Psychology PhD Student Publication Awards

The awards worth of £100 were announced and presented today by Derrick Watson, the Deputy Head of the Department, during the closing session of the Postgraduate Research Day.

Congratulations also to Kim Wade who is the first supervisor of both Melissa’s and Divya’s doctoral thesis.

This is what the judging panel said about the award-winning publications:

Colloff, M. F., Wade, K. A., & Strange, D. (2016). Unfair lineups make witnesses more likely to confuse innocent and guilty suspects. Psychological Science, 27(9), 1227-1239.

“The study used a sophisticated and careful experimental design to examine an important real life issue from a theoretical perspective. An impressively large sample size gives more strength to the study’s results which potentially ill have important practical implications for improving the lineup construction practices in the police force.”


Sukumar, D., Hodgson, J. S., & Wade, K. A. (2016). Behind closed doors: Live observations of current police station disclosure practices and lawyer-client consultations. Criminal Law Review, 12, 900-914.

“A great example of interdisciplinary observational fieldwork that draws on research in the fields of both psychology and law and on four weeks of observations of police disclosure practices before and during custodial interviews of legally represented suspects. The results of the study help us to better understand the nature of police practices in the disclosure of evidence and assess the potential risks of those practices to more vulnerable suspects or to suspects without legal representation.”

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