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Helen Brown

Helen Brown


Research Interests:

Broadly speaking, my research area is language acquisition. Much of my research to date has examined the role of sleep-associated memory consolidation processes in language acquisition across the lifespan. Studies typically use the same stimuli and paradigms with different age groups (children, young adults, and older adults), allowing direct comparison of findings across the different age groups. More recently my research has begun to explore additional factors that may affect language acquisition (e.g., the structure of the learning input and the presence/absence of explicit instruction during learning). Again, these studies directly compare language acquisition in different age groups.

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Recent Publications:

  • Brown, H., & Maylor, E.A. (in press). Consolidation effects on memory stabilization and item integration in older adults. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review.
  • Samara, A., Smith, K., Brown, H., & Wonnacott, E. (forthcoming) Acquiring variation in an artificial language: Children and adults are sensitive to socially-conditioned linguistic variation. Cognitive Psychology.
  • Wonnacott, E., Brown, H., & Nation, K. (forthcoming). Skewing the evidence: The effect of input structure on child and adult learning of lexically-based patterns in an artificial language. Journal of Memory and Language.
  • Brown, H., & Gaskell, M.G. (2014).The time-course of talker-specificity and lexical competition effects during word learning. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience, 29(9), 1163-1179.
  • Henderson, L.M., Weighall, A., Brown, H., & Gaskell, M.G. (2013). On-line lexical competition during spoken word recognition and word learning in children and adults. Child Development, 84(5), 1668-1685.
  • Brown, H., Weighall, A., Henderson, L.M., & Gaskell, M.G. (2012). Enhanced recognition and recall of new words in 7- and 12-year old children following a period of offline consolidation. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 112, 56-72.

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