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Wilfrid Kendall's Personal Page

I am a professor in the Statistics department at the University of Warwick. My research interests lie mostly in probability theory, and include: random processes, stochastic geometry, stochastic calculus, computer algebra in statistics and probability, and perfect simulation. I was President of the Bernoulli Society over the period 2013-2015 and now serve in the advisory rôle of Past President; I also serve on the Council of the International Statistical Institute. I was founding co-director of APTS (first with my colleague David Firth, then with my colleague Adam Johansen) over the period October 2007 - September 2016.

Four of my favourite people



Here you can see a picture of four of my favourite people from a few years ago,


while here is a picture of me, when I was slightly more youthful.

Teaching and Related Matters, 2016/2017

I have taught the following lecture courses this year (note that I am on study leave from start of term 2 through to end of academic year at end of September 2017):

My office is Room C0.17 in the Mathematics and Statistics Building.

PhD projects

I have produced a list of current possibilities for research projects.

Current research projects

I have recently concluded EPSRC-funded research projects on:

With my research student Giacomo Zanella, I worked on a project to apply statistical methods to contribute to debates in Anglo-Saxon history:

The links connect to blogs on these projects.

Recent publications

Five ways in which this information is accumulated on the web:

I no longer maintain it, but here is a list of my older Warwick preprints, with links to abstracts

  • linked by topic,
  • including (some) illustrative pictures.

Finally, here is a page for New Perspectives on Stochastic Geometry (co-edited with Ilya Molchanov).

I have also made available some collections of slides for recent talks.

Seminars and reading groups at Warwick Statistics

Back in 1988 I founded the Midlands Probability Theory Seminars. The Probability at Warwick initiative P@W now collects together this and a number of other activities related to the probability research community. See also the main Statistics (CRiSM) Seminars.

Other activity

I am an associate editor for: