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Slides and useful resources

On this page you can find slides and links from recent Warwick R User Group meetings. Scroll down for a full list of past events.

Procrastinating in R: emoji plots

By Alejandra Avalos Pacheco

An introduction to Shiny

By Nathan Cunningham

Cleverly copying from the console

By Lewis Rendell

Progress bars and animated plots for long-running jobs

By Matthew Neal

Animated plots in R

By Rachel Wilkerson

Pitfalls of 'dynamite' plunger plots

By Kenneth Lim

The Grammar of Graphics: an introduction to ggplot2

By David Selby

Graphics devices

By David Firth

RStan — efficient MCMC in R

By Jack Jewson

Short introduction to Rcpp

By Sherman Ip

List columns in data frames

By Joe Meagher

Importing satellite imagery from Nasa and the US Geological Survey

By Matt Moores

Past meetings

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