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Working with Business

Having built a reputation, over the last 36 years, of delivering real benefits through research and development, and skills training, our collaborations with companies, organisations and industry continue to thrive.

We have been delighted to welcome Jaguar Land Rover to the University as they located their 170-strong Advanced Research Group to the International Digital Laboratory. They will be spending more than £100m on collaborative research programmes with WMG over the next few years. Tata Motors’ European Technical Centre is growing its team of highly skilled engineers who are based at WMG by 40% over the next few years.

We are lead partner in a number of projects that bring together global companies and small businesses (SMEs). The High Value Manufacturing Catapult has been set up by the government to support a range of industrial sectors including aerospace and automotive and aims to accelerate the transfer and commercialisation of new and emerging technologies into world beating products and services. The WMG centre HVM Catapult focuses on the global challenge of Low Carbon Mobility, with a whole systems approach exploiting our leading edge capabilities in Lightweight Product/System Optimisation; Energy Storage and Management; and Digital Validation and Verification.

Through our dedicated SME programme we have been working with over 1,200 SMEs since 2007. The programme is designed to enable small businesses to innovate and bring user focused products to market. Our knowledge transfer services are linked directly to our research base and emerging technologies, providing small businesses with a conduit to our wealth of expertise to help their businesses succeed.

The National Automotive Innovation Centre will provide a national focus and a critical mass of research capability, combining the expertise available nationally and internationally from industry, universities, supply chain companies and SMEs. It will be a unique resource, with an environment to foster collaboration, cohesion and cross-fertilisation of knowledge and will provide a platform for greater involvement in EU-wide research programmes. It will enable academic / industry teams to work together in state of the art buildings, with tailored equipment to create and integrate breakthrough technologies with a whole system approach crossing multiple disciplines. It will address the shortage of skilled R&D staff in the automotive supply chain, creating a pipeline of people into companies.


Working with Business


Key Contacts

Business Development Manager
Richard Seager

SME Knowledge Exchange
Dr Mark Swift 

CEO WMG centre HVM Catapult
Archie MacPherson