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Research Facilities and Equipment: WMG


WMG is continually investing in new research equipment to support research and development activities for fundamental science and industry related R&D to help solve engineering, technology and manufacturing problems.

Your business can access our leading edge facilities and expertise as part of a joint research project or as stand-alone equipment usage.

Find out more about our equipment and facilities below:

Research Facilities

Additive Layer Manufacturing
3D printing, rapid prototyping and rapid tooling technologies (polymer, metals and ceramics). 
Automation Systems
Automation systems engineering and lifecycle, process control, embedded systems and virtual engineering. 
Energy storage and system characterisation
Hybrid and electric powertrain testing, battery system and ageing evaluation, thermal characterisation, aggressive test and forensic tear down, new battery chemistry scale-up and electrical system testing.
Intelligent and autonomous vehicles
3xD drive in, driver-in-the-loop driving simulator including driver eye tracking, infotainment and communication simulation, remote sensing and high definition visualisation.
5-Axis machining, cutting tool materials (metal matrix composites, titanium alloys, and non-metallic materials such as carbon fibre composites).
Material Characterisation
Static and dynamic mechanical testing, high-speed digital image correlation / thermal imaging and microscopy (metals, polymers, composites and hybrid materials).
Material Processing and Joining
Composite manufacturing processes, sheet metal forming and alloy extrusion press. Joining processes including remote laser welding, stamping, roll forming, self-piece riveting and adhesive bonding.
Metrology and Inspection
3D measurement, CT scanning, digital design verification and validation, quality inspection. 
Polymer Characterisation and Processing
Injection moulding, measuring and extruding, mechanical testing and thermal analysis of polymers, nanocomposites and multi-functional materials.

How to Access

Contact the Business Development team to discuss engaging in collaborative research projects and equipment usage access.

Richard Seager, Business Development Manager

T: 02476 575 935
M: 07824 541071