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  • Khastgir, Siddartha, Birrell, Stewart A., Dhadyalla, Gunwant, Sivencrona, Hà¥kan, Jennings, P. A. (Paul A.). 2017. Towards increased reliability by objectification of Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment (HARA) of automated automotive systems. Safety Science, View
  • Khastgir, Siddartha, Dhadyalla, Gunwant, Jennings , Paul A.. 2016. Incorporating ISO 26262 concepts in an automated testing toolchain using simulink design verifierâ„¢. SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars - Electronic and Electrical Systems, 9 (1), pp. 59-65, View
  • Birrell, Stewart A., Wilson, Daniel, Yang, C. P., Dhadyalla, Gunwant, Jennings, P. A. (Paul A.). 2015. How driver behaviour and parking alignment affects inductive charging systems for electric vehicles. Transportation Research Part C : Emerging Technologies, 58 (Part D), pp. 721-731, View
  • Taylor, J. E. (James E.), Amor-Segan, Mark, Dhadyalla, Gunwant, Jones, R. Peter. 2014. Discerning the operational state of a vehicle's distributed electronic systems from vehicle network traffic for use as a fault detection and diagnosis tool. International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, Volume 15 (Number 3), pp. 441-449, View
  • Huang, Yingping, McMurran, Ross, Amor-Segan, Mark, Dhadyalla, Gunwant, Jones, R. Peter, Bennett, Peter, Mouzakitis, Alexandros, Kieloch, Jan. 2010. Development of an automated testing system for vehicle infotainment system. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol.51 (No.1-4), pp. 233-246, View
  • Huang, Yingping, McMurran, Ross, Dhadyalla, Gunwant, Jones, P. (Peter), Dr., Mouzakitis, Alexandros. 2009. Model-based testing of a vehicle instrument cluster for design validation using machine vision. Measurement Science & Technology, Vol.20 (No.6), View
  • Huang, Yingping, McMurran, Ross, Dhadyalla, Gunwant, Jones, P. (Peter), Dr.. 2008. Probability based vehicle fault diagnosis : Bayesian network method. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Vol.19 (No.3), pp. 301-311, View

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