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Intercultural Skills

This Open House section of Global PAD (Profesional and Academic Development) has intercultural resources which are developed and maintained by staff in the Centre for Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick, UK. The staff belong to the applied research group, Working and Communicating across Cultures (WACC).

These pages offer the following resources:

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Our Open House resources are complemented by:


Global People website

A major resource for people living and working in intercultural contexts:

The Global People project focused on international partnerships and resulted in several resources, including

the Global People competency framework,

the Global People landscaping study and

the Global People toolbook.

Many organisations with an intercultural and internationalisation focus now link directly to the Global People website, including universities in a range of countries.

Core Concept Compilations

Compilations of quotations on key topics in the intercultural field:

What is culture?

Mindfulness for intercultural interaction (v.2)

Critical Incidents


Working Papers in Intercultural Communication

Internationalisation and the Development of 'Global Graduates': Hearing the students' voices

How internationalised is your university?

Internationalisation in the UK HE sector

Global People papers

Intercultural Professional Development Tools

Tools for managing intercultural partnerships in international projects

The GlobalPAD 3R Tool (v.2): Helps develop evaluation sensitivity in intercultural encounters.
A tool with detailed prompts to help people record and reflect on intercultural encounters/critical incidents. A slightly modified/updated version is also available here: The GlobalPAD 3R Tool (v.3).

The GlobalPAD DISCo Steps Stretch Tool: Helps foster behavioural flexibility in intercultural encounters.
A tool with steps for adjusting behaviour, as needed, when living, studying and/or working in culturally unfamiliar contexts. (Previously known as the Global PAD DIARy tool.)

For research tools associated with intercultural relations, please visit our our Research Skills section.

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With responsibility for a network of trainers worldwide who facilitate intercultural training programs for our client’s expatriates and their families, I oversee the maintenance, quality and development of intercultural training materials. As such, I’ve been recommending GlobalPAD in my workshops to trainers as an example of best practice. In particular, I have encouraged trainers to use the Intercultural Learning Journal template to prepare their "critical incidents" for use in training, and the Core Concepts compilation to gain a deeper conceptual understanding of critical incidents".

Louis Lima, Senior Manager, Brookfield Global Relocation Services