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4 Awards for Applied Linguistics at Warwick 2017


Helen Award

Helen Spencer-Oatey won the individual prize under the Global Contribution category at the University of Warwick Staff Awards, held on 12 May 2017.

Helen's nomination read:

Helen's passion for the practical application of her research for the benefit of international students and for the achievement of inclusive and well integrated student communities are the reasons that set her apart.

Commenting on her award, Helen said,

“Numerous universities throughout the world have identified ‘internationalisation’ as one of their key priorities and many talk of wanting to develop ‘global graduates’. But what does this mean in practice and how can it be achieved? These are the key questions that my colleagues and I in Applied Linguistics and the Office for Global Engagement have been addressing.”

Helen continued,

“Within Applied Linguistics, our outputs include the Global Education Profiler (more details below), as well as training courses for commercial companies. In particular, our Global TIES (Training in Intercultural Effectiveness) programme has been especially successful.

“Working with the Office for Global Engagement, we have developed a 3-stage training course, initially for those going on study abroad but later for all students at Warwick. Stage 1 comprises a face-to-face workshop and a follow-up online course; Stage 2 comprises a number of reflective activities; Stage 3 comprises a face-to-face workshop, which has a particular focus on helping students describe their experiences in terms that are meaningful to employers.

“In summary, our goal is to help people work and interact more effectively across cultural boundaries - whether at university or beyond.”


Daniel Dauber and Helen Spencer-Oatey's poster on ‘Global Talent: Standing Out and Fitting In’ won joint first place in the British Council’s Going Global 2017 poster competition.

Over 60 posters were selected for display during the British Council’s Going Global 2017 conference on 22 May, providing delegates with an opportunity to meet with poster presenters and other interested delegates to discuss and debate the conference’s 2017 themes.

Helen and Daniel’s poster was inspired by their Global Education Profiler (GE-P), a diagnostic tool for Higher Education Institutions that helps identify the kind of global learning environment experienced by students. Different from traditional measures of internationalisation, the GE-P is aimed at policy making and management, as it measures students’ aspirations against their actual experiences helping HEI’s:

Daniel Award
  • Track aspects of greatest need
  • Optimise the allocation of resources

Leading to:

  • An increase in student satisfaction
  • An increase in graduates with global skills and greater employability

For more information on the GE-P, visit


PhD student, Tom Greenaway (pictured), attended the SIETAR Europa Congress 2017 in Dublin and won the award for “Best Student Paper.”
Tom’s paper was called “Creating ‘Global Graduates’: in what ways do students develop teamwork skills and intercultural competencies through teamwork?”


PhD candidate, Carolin Debray, won the Sage Best Paper Award for Early Career Researchers at the DICOEN9 conference (9th International Conference on Discourse, Communication and the Enterprise). Her talk was titled “I wish we had argued more: The impact of conflict avoidance on task and relationships in multinational teamwork"