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Language Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LLTA)

About LLTA

LLTA [ˈeltə] members are engaged in research on the learning, teaching and assessment of English and other languages that aims to have a positive impact on the language teaching profession, as well as publishers, government, and other stakeholders. Members are interested in historically and contextually situated engagement in/with language learning and teaching research, policy, practice and evaluation in a range of international contexts.

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Current events 2017

Recent LLTA events are listed below. For a fuller description of these current events as well as our past events where resources can be accessed, please click here.

Jan 23

LLTA external speaker series

Dr Dario Banegas & Dr Luis Villacanas
Feb 8

Visiting scholar

Dr Hideki Ohno
Feb 22  LLTA internal speaker series Prof. Tony Liddicoat

Mar 1

LLTA external speaker series

Prof. Glenn Fulcher

Mar 8

LLTA doctoral speaker series

Ms. R. Vennela Rayavarapu

May 9

LLTA external speaker series

Dr Hui Du

Oct 25

LLTA external speaker series

Prof. Andy Kirkpatrick

Nov 15

LLTA internal speaker series

Dr Troy McConachy

Nov 29 LLTA doctoral speaker series Ms. Saeede Haghi

Jo G 2016

Conceptual stance

We believe that language learning, teaching and assessment are complex social, cultural, psychological and educational processes, embedded in particular contexts of practice. We take a multidisciplinary approach that meshes broader educational values and cross-cultural concerns with language learning and teaching related research, and draw on a wide range of work in linguistics, applied linguistics, ELT, psychology, education, autonomy theory, cultural studies, discourse analysis and critical pedagogy for the theoretical and analytical frameworks that underpin our research.

Recent publications
Dr Neil Murray
Dr Bene Bassetti

Bene Bassetti’s paper listed among the 20 most cited papers in the history of the International Journal of Bilingualism. Read the full paper for free on IJB’s 20th Anniversary Virtual Special Issue

Learning Memory and Cognition

Bassetti, B. (2017, online first) Orthography affects second language speech: Double letters and geminate production in English. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition. DOI: 10.1037/xlm0000417

Dr Troy McConachy


New Book! (Forthcoming Dec 2017)

McConachy, T. (2018). Developing Intercultural Perspectives on Language Use: Exploring Pragmatics and Culture in Foreign Language Learning. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

Dr Ema Ushioda


Language learning motivation through a small lens: A research agenda. Language Teaching, 49(4), 564-577.

Dr Richard Smith


Building "Applied Linguistic Historiography": Rationale, scope and methods'. Applied Linguistics 37/1: 71-87. Open Access

History of iatefl

Rixon, S. & Smith, R. 2017. A History of IATEF L: The First 50 Years of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language. Faversham: IATEFL.