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CES Department Trip to Gregynog Hall 2017

Gregynog Gregynog Gregynog
On 21st-22nd January, students and staff from across the faculty made the annual CES trip to Gregynog Hall in Wales. The weekend offered the chance to get away from campus and city life and 'expand the mind' amidst the Welsh countryside air and the historic and original Hall.


Gregynog Gregynog
Activities across the weekend included a Global Village, designed by PGT student champion Noorain Mustafa, in which we reflected on the global challenges facing education today and tomorrow in light of UN Sustainable Development Goals. Dr Ponsto Moosori led a 're-imagining' education activity, in which we thought symbolically about what educational research should stand for today.
In the evening, there was a hotly contested quiz, designed expertly by Anne Packwood. We met new people, made new connections, learnt new things, and, above all, shared our ideas and ideals about education. Some of us even got our first glimpse of snow! Overall, it was a very special experience, and set a high precedent for the annual trips to come!
p1020895.jpg Gregynog Gregynog