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Dr Rosemary Preston AcSS

MA (Oxford, 1989); PhD (Leeds, 1981); BA Hons (Leeds, 1968)


Rosemary Preston was Director of the International Centre for Education in Development, at the University of Warwick (1993-2005), specialising in aid, inter-organisational relations, lifelong learning and community development in low-income states. Over four decades, her interdisciplinary research prioritised the interests of minorities, notably in Andean America, the South Pacific and southern Africa. Policy and practice research for international organisations included directing multi-method studies of: labour and war-related migration; post war reconstruction; technical assistance, consultancy and international partnerships. Cross-cutting themes include: HRD, training and education; gender, ethnicity and civil society. Rosemary Preston has published widely, is past editor of Gender and education (1994-2000) and Compare (2001-4), and has 25 years experience of INGO governance. As a linguist, writes and speaks French and Spanish fluently, with some skill in other languages.