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Data from Sri Lankan Microenterprise Project (2005-2010)

Suresh de Mel, University of Peradeniya

David McKenzie, World Bank

Christopher Woodruff, University of Warwick

The Sri Lanka Microenterprise project is a panel survey of 600 microenterprises located in districts of Kalutara, Galle and Matara. The survey was designed to measure the recovery of enterprises following the December 26, 2004 Asian tsunami, and to measure returns to incremental capital investments. The enterprises were surveyed quarterly between April 2005 and April 2007, and again in October 2007 and April 2008. We conducted further follow-up surveys in June and December 2010. (These are the basis of the 24 February 2012 Science article.) The sample includes enterprises suffering direct damage from the tsunami, enterprises located near the coast, but not suffering damage, and enterprises located further inland. Papers that include a more detailed description of the sample and survey are linked below.

Data from the project is available on this website. Data files (compressed STATA format) and survey instrument (pdf format) are available for all 11 rounds of the survey by clicking the links below. Information which could compromise the confidentiality of the enterprises surveyed are not included in the publicly released data.


Original enterprise data sets (by wave):

SLMS Data, Round 1 SLMS Data, Round 2
SLMS Data, Round 3
SLMS Data, Round 4
SLMS Data, Round 5
SLMS Data, Round 6
SLMS Data, Round 7
SLMS Data, Round 8
SLMS Data, Round 9
SLMS Data, Round 10 SLMS Data, Round 11 SLMS Data, Round 12
SLMS Data, Round 13      

Original household data sets (by wave):

SLMS Household Data, Round 1 SLMS Household Data, Round 5
SLMS Household Data, Round 09
SLMS Household Data, Round 11



SLMS Survey Instrument Rnd 1 SLMS Survey Instrument Rnd 2
SLMS Survey Instrument Rnd 3
SLMS Survey Instrument Rnd 4
SLMS Survey Instrument Rnd 5
SLMS Survey Instrument Rnd 6
SLMS Survey Instrument Rnd 7
SLMS Survey Instrument Rnd 8
SLMS Survey Instrument Rnd 9
SLMS Survey Instrument Rnd 10 SLMS Survey Instrument Rnd 11 SLMS Survey Instrument Rnd 12
SLMS Survey Instrument Rnd 13      


SLMS Household Survey Instrument, Round 1 SLMS Household Survey Instrument, Round 5
SLMS Household Survey Instrument, Round 09
SLMS Household Survey Instrument, Round 11

Codelists for Survey Data:

Codelist Round 1 Codelist Round 2 Codelist Round 3 Codelist Round 4
Codelist Round 5 Codelist Round 6 Codelist Round 7 Codelist Round 8
Codelist Round 9 Codelist Round 10 Codelist Round 11 Codelist Round 12
Codelist Round 13      

Codelists for household survey files:

Codelist Household Round 1 Codelist Household Round 1
Codelist Household Round 09
Codelist Household Round 11

Special Data sets and Stata .do files:
DATA which reproduces the results in “Returns to Capital in Microenterprises: Evidence from a Field Experiment”, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol 123(4), pp. 1329-1372.

Stata .do file for tables in body of paper, using the data set linked above

Stata .do file for appendices

Various do files for building the data set from the raw data.

Science article .do and .dta files.

PAPERS and related files:
Returns to Capital In Microenterprises: Evidence from a Field Experiment. Quarterly Journal of Economics, November 2008, Vol 123(4), pp. 1329-1372.

Measuring Microenterprise Profits: Must We Ask How the Sausage is Made? Journal of Development Economics, February 2009, Vol 88, No. 1, pp. 19-31.

Are Women More Credit Constrained? Experimental Evidence on Gender and Microenterprise Returns, AEJ-Applied Economics, July 2009, Vol 1(3), pp. 1-32

Enterprise Recovery following Natural Disaster, Economic Journal, March 2012, Vol 122(559), pp. 64-91 [A link to Tim Harford's FT story.]

One-time transfers of cash or capital have long-lasting effects on microenterprises in Sri Lanka, Science, 24 February, 2012. Vol. 335 (6071), pp. 962-966.

The project would not have been possible without funding from NSF grants SES-0523167 and SES-0617424, and funding from the World Bank.

If you experience any problems with accessing these data, please contact me at