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Aleksandra Ignaciuk

Aleksandra Ignaciuk
LLM in IEL 2011-2012

Nationality: Polish
Prize Winner: Best IEL Graduating Student 2012

Why Warwick?

Having completed an LLB degree in Law, I wanted to pursue my interest in law further and chose the University of Warwick due to its reputation for teaching a variety of subjects at a very high level. I was confident that the LLM Programme at the University of Warwick would help me develop my knowledge of international law and broaden my understanding of international economic aspects.

The International Economic Law LLM Programme offers a great selection of modules and the possibility of taking up subjects from other LLM programmes. Coupled with excellent lectures, the Programme offers flexibility for students who are interested in both public international modules, such as international economic law, and more corporate subjects, such as international banking and corporate insolvency. Lecturers pay attention to the areas which students are particularly interested in and tailor the modules accordingly, which makes the course even more motivating. The possibility of speaking directly to the professors to discuss the issues in more detail was very encouraging in the learning process.

Best Bits!

The programme offered much guidance with regards to learning materials. As part of the course, students received study packs for all the modules which proved indispensable not only during the revision period but also after completing the course. Personally, learning materials were also a great starting point in deciding on the area of research for the LLM dissertation.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Warwick and the International Economic Law LLM Programme. It was a great chance to meet people from all over the world and discuss the legal systems in different countries whilst learning about international economic law. It was also an excellent opportunity to get involved in many societies at the University of Warwick (WarwickSnow and Classical and Modern Dance Society being my favourite!).