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Alen Toplisek

Alen Toplisek
LLM in IDLHR 2011-2012

Nationality: Slovenian

Why Warwick?

The LLM program in International Development Law and Human Rights (IDLHR) offered me a diverse set of modules, most of which being based on strong theoretical foundations in critical theory, political economy approaches and contemporary political thought. What tipped the balance in favour of the IDLHR program at Warwick (over LSE and King’s College) was the interdisciplinary and critical approach to legal studies, and the fact that both my personal interest and background were in political science. This set the IDLHR programme apart from other law and human rights programmes in the UK: it oversteps restrictive legalism and draws on other sociological and politico-economic disciplines.

Best Bits!

Life on campus is diverse and filled with various social activities, ranging from public debates, guest lectures, sports activities, bars to activism, music festivals and art galleries. It offers a great variety of student societies as well. I was part of the Warwick Pride Society, the Warwick Amnesty, Socialist Students and Friends of Palestine society during my time at Warwick, which provided me with a good balance of study and social activities and also offered non-formal ways of learning.

Where are they now?

After my LLM program at Warwick, I decided to continue with my studies at Queen Mary in London by pursuing my PhD in political theory. The IDLHR program was great in this respect as you got to learn a lot about contemporary political and legal thought. This knowledge can be used in your everyday life, especially in times like these when we are undergoing important socio-economic changes. When I finish my PhD I am planning to get involved with activist work in social justice struggles, hopefully within some research-based NGO.