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Alexandros Timotheou

Alexandros Timotheou
LLM in IEL 2009-2010

Nationality: Swiss, Cypriot

Why Warwick?

After having finished a BSc economics at H.E.C Lausanne Switzerland I felt that a master would be necessary in order to separate myself from the crowd. The thought of restricting my knowledge base further into some domain of economics did not seem very appealing to me and so I decided to pursue an LLM in order to widen it. Warwick’s high accreditations along with the reputation of British education in general made Warwick an evident choice for me.

Best Bits!

I am a firm follower of the proverb you have to play hard in order to work hard. Warwick is the perfect example of this. Ranging from sporting activities to the multitude of social clubs that exist on campus and finishing with the myriad of parties which are organised, you are provided with whatever you need to fill in your calendar.

Where are they now?

After graduating I joined Credit Suisse in Switzerland in the private banking sector covering the Greek and Cypriot markets. After one year in Switzerland my skill set reinforced by my Warwick experience, took me to Singapore in order to undertake the challenge of covering the wider and more complex market area of Russia, Greece, Israel and Cyprus.