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Arianna Gazze

Arianna Gazze
LLM in IDLHR 2007-2008

Nationality: Italian

Where are they now?

After completing the IDLHR LLM, I moved to Madrid where I started working as Project Coordinator in the NGO Helsinki España -- Human Dimension (HE) that aims to promote human rights through education within the university context at the national and international level.

During these last four years I have coordinated and worked in all projects that HE annually organizes in collaboration with national and international partners: the International University Forum on poverty eradication (New York 2009); the University Volunteering Projects on human rights (theory and practice); the Expert Course on Terrorism, Criminal Organizations and Security and the REACT Program (Expert Course on Rapid Expert Assistance and Co-operation for Conflict Prevention Operations, Crisis Management and Post- Conflict Rehabilitation) that is addressed to postgraduate students who wish to start their professional careers in International Organizations’ Peace Missions.

As Project Coordinator at Helsinki España, I have been designing, implementing and supervising the programmes I was in charge of. Due to the international nature of these programmes, I have closely collaborated with International Organizations (UN, EU, OSCE, NATO, ICRC…), Embassies, Spanish Governmental Bodies, National and International Universities and other Associations and NGOs.

Thanks to these academic and professional experiences, I have deepened my knowledge on human rights and international affairs and I have improved my professional skills to perform as Project Coordinator in these fields of expertise.

In February 2013 I was offered the role of Projects Support Officer at Inter Mediate.