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Christian Mecklenburg-Guzman

Christian Mecklenburg-Guzman
LLM in ICGFR 2010-2011

Nationality: German

Why Warwick?

The programme offers an international and friendly learning environment which prepares students well for working life. It is not just the academic and professional expertise of the staff and flexibility to tailor the programme content to your own preferences, but also the wide range of workshops, networking events and job fairs that enhance your ‘soft skills’ and 'employability'. Moreover, the vast alumni network is of great assistance. This allowed me, for instance, to get in close touch with a major consulting firm for an Associate Consultant position in the financial sector four month before the official ending of the programme.

Best Bits!

The networking and career events give a good direction for career development and contacts in global law firms and banks. These insights into and connections with the industry are clearly distinguishing aspects of a reputable university. Warwick’s career network is open for graduates for a period of three years and newsletters provide information on job openings, career advice, CV structures and interview techniques. The chance for direct contact and the network itself can be truly beneficial for any graduate.

Also the relationships formed with professors proved to be a valuable asset. During my time at Warwick and after graduation, professors have been very amicable, interested to give general advice and keen to give specific assistance (for example with publications and advice on specific topics in their field of research and practice). The combination surely gives graduates an edge for building up their career. Friendships with classmates that can develop are further strong arguments for Warwick. The very international cohort introduced new points of view and understandings which proved a perfect environment for personal growth.

Where are they now?

I would describe the student experience at Warwick as outstanding and would recommend it to anyone wanting to pursue a career in law, finance or consulting. Now, following on from my graduation, I can see the practical advantage it has given me. Back in Germany, I started working in the Debt Capital Market Practice of an international law firm. The job was at the intersection of banking and law, which requires a holistic understanding of the implications of legal aspects of finance and financial regulation. This framework knowledge and required skill set was given at Warwick. It was not just the content itself of finance and regulation, but also the skills for the understanding of the problems and the approach to the resolve these.

I continue to strongly recommend any prospective LLM students to come to Warwick. The skills and knowledge gained have been beyond any doubt advantageous for the application and the development of my career – an experience which has been shared by many of my classmates and one which I am sure will equally benefit students in the coming years. Studying at Warwick has been a great experience and I strongly encourage you to make an application.