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Doina Postica

Doina Postica
LLM in IDLHR 2012-2013

Nationality: Moldovan
Awarded the Open Society Foundations/University of Warwick Scholarship

Why Warwick?

I chose to pursue an LLM at Warwick for a number of reasons. It is a relatively new university, but one which succeeds to be continually placed high in the rankings. Another influential factor was its high standards of research; alongside it’s openness to innovation and ideas. My bachelor degree was in law, but I always wanted to study things beyond the usual law courses and get a sense of international justice, human rights and development. This master offered me exactly what I wanted to study and what not many universities propose in their legal master modules. I chose Warwick because of the modules offered, which combined topics such as gender, law and the global economy, global law, writing about injustices and theories on human rights. The LLM in International Development Law and Human Rights offered me the knowledge and confidence to become a good legal professional in human rights.

I was also awarded an OSI scholarship, which is a full cost scholarship (which covers tuition fees, living allowance and return airfare).

Scholarship Process: The application process for this award consisted of a tough selection procedure. First, I submitted the application package. Next, I was interviewed by a panel from the university, and my last step was to pass the TOEFL test with a required score. I was the only Moldovan studying law on this scholarship in University of Warwick at the time. To be fair, most probably I wouldn’t have been able to pursue the LLM if it wasn’t for the scholarship.

Best Bits!

I always like to underline that what is so special about Warwick, is the sense of community it is creating. All the facilities offered help to allow you to build your own life here. There are not only study buildings and an extensive library but also an arts centre, excellent accommodation, a sports centre, a park, and even shops, all on one campus. What I liked about the course itself was the fact that I felt I walked a journey of knowledge together with my colleagues. It felt more than you acquire from school classes, rather more like life knowledge. I felt the purpose of the readings allocated and it helped me to understand that I don’t want to just be a good professional in any job, but to be in a job with a good purpose. The LLM definitely met my expectations, if not exceeded them.

Where are they now?

After finishing my course, I returned back to Moldova, and I now work as a legal consultant to the Ministry of Justice on monitoring UPR recommendations and implementation in Moldova. Moreover, non-formally, I am continuing my activity as a Youth Advisor to the World Committee of the World Scout Movement. I would recommend this LLM to any person who has the courage to see law more broadly than written rules, who is eager to engage in debates about the negative effects the international human rights regime brings, and who is committed to change things starting with themselves.