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Eniafe Adebayo

Eniafe Adebayo
LLM in IEL 2011-2012

Nationality: Nigerian

Why Warwick?

As my LLB Law degree from the University of Essex was general, I was really particular about my LLM being one that was well tailored to my chosen subject area but at the same time, one that was not too restrictive in the areas that it covered. There were an ample number of module options available which was great for me! When it came to picking my modules, I was spoilt for choice as I found a few of them quite fascinating. Overall, it gave me the opportunity to pick and explore areas of the law I was interested in!

The high-class reputation, coupled with the impressive course contents, and the fantastic campus made Warwick an inevitable choice for me pursue my LLM.

Best Bits!

The Campus! The Warwick campus is very spacious, with a number of amenities that make one feel right at home. It is also a very studious environment with a large library and a number of study rooms all over the campus. These came in VERY handy during my exam periods. The fact that it’s a ‘Campus University’ was also a huge plus; I was able to get literally everything I needed in one place. There is even a Cinema on Campus, amongst other things!

Where are they now?

Immediately after graduating, I went on to commence and complete the Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the College of Law in Birmingham. Upon completion of the LPC, I joined the Access to Finance/Trade Finance division at the International Trade Centre (ITC) as an Intern, in Geneva Switzerland. ITC is a joint agency of the World Trade Organisation and the United Nations so the knowledge and experience I gained on the IEL course was ideal for me to work in such an organisation. I continue to strongly recommend any prospective LLM students to come to Warwick. The skills and knowledge gained have been beyond any doubt advantageous for the application and the development of my career – an experience which has been shared by many of my classmates and one which I am sure will equally benefit students in the coming years. Studying at Warwick has been a great experience and I strongly encourage you to make an application.