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Eoin Carroll

Eoin Carroll
LLM in ICGFR 2009-2010

Nationality: Irish

Why Warwick?

Warwick has an excellent reputation for being innovative. For me, this was the main attraction. Many top law schools in the UK offer generic LLMs which are difficult to differentiate but I viewed the LLM in ICGFR at Warwick as a highly relevant and innovative response to the recent failures in international systems of corporate governance and financial regulation. I intended to pursue a career in legal practice and I was of the view that a LLM that is relevant to the “real world” so to speak would put me at a significant advantage over other candidates when I entered the jobs market.

Best Bits!

Warwick is a friendly and truly international university. I learned more about different cultures during my year at Warwick than I have in 26 years living in Ireland! The sporting facilities are top notch and there’s at least one team or club to appeal to every student. The careers service is also excellent and students get the opportunity to meet leading employers and to attend very useful skills sessions.

Where are they now?

I joined William Fry, the leading Irish law firm on completion of my studies at Warwick in September 2010. I currently work as a lawyer in the corporate sector of the Firm in a team focusing primarily on mergers and acquisitions, private equity and general advices.