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Hans-Martin Helbig

Hans-Martin Helbig Toplisek
LLM in IEL 2010-2011

Nationality: German

Why Warwick?

For my undergraduate degree I took business and law and finished with an LL.B. I had no doubt that a master’s degree was the next step - I only had to consider where and with which specialisation. I discussed this with my professor in Germany and it became clear that I was looking for a truly international experience and a course with a clear focus on international business law. The excellent reputation of the professors at Warwick and recommendation by course mates made Warwick my natural choice.

Best Bits!

I will always remember Warwick as the highlight of my student life as the people I met there broadened both my professional and personal horizons. Many of my classmates at Warwick became true friends, making me part of an international network of alumni. So at least twice per year the close circle meets up for a weekend somewhere in Europe. At the end of this year we will attend the first wedding of two former classmates.

Long nights in the learning grid or the library brought us together as did social gatherings organised by the law school and various activities such as five-a-side football, badminton, the gym, trips, parties and pub crawls. To sum up, Warwick is just the right balance between academic hard work and a social student life.

Where are they now?

After graduating I joined the Frankfurt based issuing house Habona Invest, which specialised in real estate. Since January 2013, I have worked for BDE (Europe’s largest association of waste-, water and raw material management industry). I work in the legal department covering a wide area of topics including Competition and Business Law, Energy Law and a couple of tax issues. Being involved in the law making process is both interesting and challenging. Warwick prepared me well to succeed in this very complex area that sits between law, politics and business.