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Jalal Hussain

Jalal Hussain
LLM in IDLHR 2014-2015

Nationality: Pakistani

Why Warwick?

While looking at various universities to apply to for my postgraduate studies, I thought Warwick had everything I wanted from a postgraduate experience; a unique and intellectually stimulating course, a beautiful campus, a renowned faculty and a fantastic reputation. Once I got to Warwick, I discovered what I had read and heard about was merely the tip of the iceberg; the Warwick experience far exceeded my expectations and choosing Warwick Law School for my postgraduate studies turned out to be one of the best decisions I made. Like with all good things, it ended far too quickly, but the one-year has provided me with a lifetime of amazing memories, friends and experiences.

Best Bits!

I thoroughly enjoyed all the modules; they were all very carefully crafted and kept me engaged. This particular LLM course allows you to broaden your horizons like no other. You will be hard pressed to find an LLM with a module that amalgamates creative writing with human rights law and is conducted by famous authors and a renowned human rights practitioner. I feel the IDLHR course has enabled me to develop a holistic worldview and enhanced my understandings of issues related to development, human rights and law.

This LLM allows you the freedom to always present an alternative viewpoint, you will be encouraged to think out of the box and question mainstream perspectives. Every class was an experience in itself; the modules on this programme are conducted by people passionate about their area of study and who have made significant contributions to their respective fields.

The campus provides the perfect backdrop to the intellectually enriching experience inside the classroom. There are hundreds of societies and sports clubs catering to a very diverse range of interests, I joined quite a few including the Photography Society, Bollywood Dance Society and the Cricket Club. I played cricket at some fantastic venues around England and made a lot of friends in the process. During term time, the campus is buzzing with activity, there is always something going on. However, when I felt like getting away from everything, far from the madding crowd, there were plenty of picturesque spots around campus that were completely secluded.

During the year I got very comfortable around Warwick, to the point where I started missing life on campus when I occasionally left for weekends. The Warwick campus can get quite addictive very quickly, and I still find myself missing Warwick, months after I have graduated.

Where are they now?

After completing my dissertation I interned with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Albania. Two months later I joined a think tank based in Tirana, Albania as a Legal Expert, Development Project Specialist. I’m now working on a range of exciting projects including corruption proofing of legislation, conducting research on different topics related to the rule of law, access to the justice system and democracy. I’m hoping to go back to Pakistan soon, and apply what I’ve learnt working in Tirana and studying at Warwick.