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Jose Salcedo

Jose Salcedo
LLM in IEL 2012-2013

Nationality: Peruvian
Awarded the School of Law Latin American Scholarship

Why Warwick?

When applying for the LLM I considered, and was offered a place at, some other institutions in the UK as well as in the US –Queen Mary, Georgetown and American University- but in the end I made Warwick my firm choice for three reasons.

Firstly, the approach to the IEL disciplines and the structure of the programme convinced me. I practice Law in the field of investment arbitration in Perú, a developing South-American country. It is for that reason that I was looking for a programme that covered not only the typical specific legal issues arising from the diverse international transactions but that, most importantly, offered me the perspective from both the developed world and the less powerful economies at the same time, from a critical standpoint. After some research I found that Warwick offered the most comprehensive approach to the phenomenon of globalization of the world economy and I wasn't wrong.

The second reason I chose Warwick was its privileged location. The campus is huge and idyllically surrounded by fields, woods and lakes that amount to a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. But don’t get me wrong, the campus life is amazingly dynamic and full of activities. There was a sport, cultural, social or academic event every single day since I arrived there, not to mention the great parties organized by the Students Union or the casual nights out with the fellow classmates at one of the pubs, bars, restaurants or cafes on campus!

The third reason why I decided to study at Warwick was that I was awarded one of the two “African and Latin America Scholarships” that the School of Law offered at the time, which covered 50% of my tuition fees. Being granted with this extra money helped me to live the full experience of studying abroad. It financially enabled me to subscribe to publications, visit different places and attend many cultural and social events in many cities in the UK, all of which permitted me a deeper approach to the British way of life.

All in all I am happy I chose Warwick and loved being part of its community. My experience there exceeded all my expectations.

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