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Julia Muraszkiewicz

Julia Muraszkiewicz
LLM in IDLHR 2007-2008

Nationality: Polish

Why Warwick?

I thoroughly enjoyed the LL.M degree and found it both challenging and inspirational. The enthusiasm and support of the staff made it a unique and memorable experience. I am extremely proud of completing the LL.M and would recommend it to anyone interested in international law development and human rights. The IDLHR course at Warwick University far exceeded my expectations; it was challenging, stimulating and provided an opportunity to meet fascinating people and make long life friends.

Best Bits!

Excellent facilities and numerous seminars equipped me with all the necessary skills and knowledge whilst giving me an excellent background to a career in human rights. Everywhere I apply interviewers are interested in the course, my LL.M thesis and are impressed at the skills I was able to develop whilst completing the LL.M; such as research and writing abilities. The course also encourages pro bono work which inspired me to continue volunteering in later stages of my life; I currently volunteer for a charity called Partners of Prisoners and Families Support Group.

Where are they now?

Upon completing the programme I went on to complete the Bar Vocational Course and qualified as a Barrister in England and Wales and regularly apply the knowledge I gained of international law as well as human rights issues in my career. In order to further my understanding of human right concepts I also undertook an internship with the European Union delegation to the United Nations in New York (second commission), where I was responsible for writing reports on the various meetings that I attended. Amongst these was a conference on the rights of indigenous peoples living in forests. During this meeting I was able to participate in discussions on the law of property as well as the use of various international treaties in domestic cases. I also had an opportunity to undertake extensive research on the rights of LGBT peoples. The research and papers I wrote were used for official purposes within the European Union. I also worked within a top Manchester Law Firm.