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Martha Gayoye

Martha Gayoye
LLM in IDLHR 2009-2010

Nationality: Kenyan

Why Warwick?

When I left Warwick for Nairobi on 3rd September 2010, I was anxious that it might take me a long time to find a job since there is a high rate of youth unemployment in Kenya. However, I was also hopeful because LLMs from Warwick University are highly respected in Kenya and there are a number of very distinguished Warwick Alumni.

Where are they now?

Two weeks after leaving Warwick, I secured myself a part-time post to teach a Research Methodology Course to diploma students at Mount Kenya University. By the next semester in January 2011, I was teaching in four undergraduate classes! In June 2011, I began doing consultancy work. I realized that potential clients and employers were drawn to my exemplary research and writing skills. I was very humbled to be part of a national strategy to implement the provisions of the new constitution for persons with disabilities in the Disability Caucus for the Implementation of the Constitution (DCIC). I was involved in this three months consultancy not only because I am an advocate but also on the basis of the strength of my LLM dissertation! In October 2011, I was employed full time by the Commission on Revenue Allocation as a Legal Officer. They required an advocate with a Masters in Law. Once again, the strength of my LLM was one of my greatest selling points, especially because it has components of both international development and human rights.

Prior to 2010, Kenya had a centralized government system. The Commission on Revenue Allocation is an independent commission that was established under the new constitution of Kenya of 2010 which not only provides for a devolved system of government, but also provides for a system of sharing of resources in the devolved government system by creating the Commission on Revenue Allocation. My job at the Commission on Revenue Allocation is therefore a very important one. I advise the Commission on legal and constitutional issues that have a bearing on revenue sharing. I intend to serve my government for two years after which I will undertake my PhD studies.