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Nihan Cetin

Nihan Cetin
LLM in IDLHR 2012-2013

Nationality: Turkish

Why Warwick?

I decided to do an LLM following some 10 years’ legal practise of human rights, in order to reinforce my experimental knowledge in the field by an academic notion. Warwick was the most appealing university in achieving such a goal, given its high rankings and the wide variety of modules offered. Also, as an international student I was convinced that the campus facilities would considerably diminish the potential disadvantages of studying far away from my homeland.

Best Bits!

Studying in Warwick blesses you with becoming a member of a miniature Earth with students from many countries. The more friends you make the more you get to know different cultures, and the more familiar you are with different cultures, the easier you overcome stereotyping and prejudice about people who are not a member of your very own community. At the end of the day, isn’t bias the last thing an LLM student should have?

Where are they now?

I work for the government as I did before I started the LLM. But now having been provided with a diverse perspective of human rights ranging from environmental issues to software piracy, from techno-science to indigenous people’s rights, I am more confident than before in my analyses and conclusions about many domestic and international legal issues on development and human rights.