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Nina Spataru

Nina Spataru
LLM in IDLHR 2011-2012

Nationality: Polish
Awarded the Open Society Foundations/ University of Warwick Scholarship

Why Warwick?

I was extremely lucky to be awarded a scholarship for the LLM in International Development Law and Human Rights by the University of Warwick and the Open Society Foundations. Looking back, I can say this has been a life changing experience and the opportunities the Law School has to offer are outstanding. Being part of its academic community has been an enormous leap forward, both in terms of my academic and personal development.

Best Bits!

The analytical skills that I acquired while studying at Warwick made me more confident in my academic capabilities and the support I have continuously received form my tutors and supervisor determined me to consider pursuing a PhD in order to develop the research I have carried out for my LLM dissertation. The IDLHR program challenged my beliefs and gave me the strong academic platform I needed in order to be successful in my field.

Where are they now?

Shortly after the completion of my course I was offered an internship placement with a London based international charity specialising in refugee protection and asylum, and I have an internship with a human rights NGO in Prague lined up for 2013. Undoubtedly, my studies at Warwick played an essential role in obtaining these placements.